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2013 Deutsche Meisterschaft OK Jolle

IDM / Zwischenahn: 03.-06.09.2013

The return of the Mik Mak

Ein Pokal vor einer dänischen Flagge
The Trophy
This year the Nationals were in Bad Zwischenhahn. The lake is not so big however the fleet of 54 OK's had no problems all fitting in there. October is not the warmest month however there is usually wind. Unfortunately the direction was not perfect as it was more across the lake than along it. This meant the top mark was quite close to the shore creating some interesting wind shifts. As it was a holiday on the Thursday most of the sailors arrived Wednesday night and the bar was full until quite late with people catching up and telling stories.

Segler an der Theke
At the Bar
Thursday we had 2 races in shifty and puffy conditions. As the top mark was close to shore and in less wind some big gaps opened up as the leaders got into the wind on the first reach and just disappeared. If you were not in the first bunch then the possibility to catch up was pretty much gone from there. Oliver Gronholz won the first race by about 20cm from Andre Budzein and Jorgen Svendsen another 30cm behind. Andre then won the second from Jorgen with Gunter Arndt a bit further back in 3rd. Most people had quite mixed results. The beer available on the ramp after sailing was a welcome sight for all and there were plenty of stories of gains and losses as it was a bit like playing snakes and ladders. As it was around 20kts in the gusts it was very interesting and demanding sailing. The German association had their annual meeting after a Bbq from the club. With the amount of free beer available it was surprising there were not many hangovers the next day. Then again it is good beer!

Segler friert an seinem Boot
Cold and Foggy
Friday dawned with a bit of fog and not so much wind. 3 races were planned and we managed, due to the efforts of the race committee to get them all in and in reasonable time. The 3rd race was quite light and the first 3 at the top mark were Bo Rekkers from Denmark (a former Dragon World Champion), Greg and Jule. Jule passed Greg downwind and these places stayed the same until the finish with Andre hanging on for 4th. The next 2 races were dominated by Jorgen Svendsen who simply sailed away from the fleet showing very good speed. Martin Von Zimmermann returned to form for a couple of well earned 2nds. The rest of the fleet were up and down and sometimes all over the place. The fleet was treated to another very nice dinner in the extremely hospitable club.

Segler genießt sein Bier nach dem Segeln
After Sail Beer
The plan was to have the last 3 races on Saturday so we could all party hard and then drive home on Sunday. It wasn't looking too good though as the morning appeared with no wind and fog covering the lake. However we are all pretty good at waiting around. Luckily it cleared and some wind arrived. The 6th race was started in not so much wind and Jorgen and Andre battled around the course. Jorgen had a good lead but when the wind died completely on the run it was Andre who took a big risk that paid off when the wind came in on his side. Jule snuck in for 2nd and Oliver 3rd with Jorgen 4th.

The start of the last race saw a group of the leaders start at the pin end (which was actually normal here) but Jule was basically just the fastest and she rolled the fleet to lead at the top mark. From there she just sailed away making no mistakes to win easily. Bo Rekkers snuck through on the run to get to 2nd and the rest where close with around 15 seconds between the next 8 boats at the bottom mark. It was a fairly short beat to the finish so some guys took some risks to get past and the places got a bit mixed up. In the end the day belonged to Jule though and she improved from 20th on the first day to 8th overall in the end.

Die ersten Drei bei der Preisverteilung
The Winners
Jorgen Svendsen was a deserving champion who sailed a very clean and clever regatta. It helped that he was also the fastest on the lake in any wind. Andre sailed well as usual for 2nd and Martin had his best result for some time to take 3rd. Greg was a clear 4th from Bo Rekkers Anderson.

One of the highlights of the regatta was that Mik Mak was back. He borrowed a boat and made the effort to come and eat a lot of ice cream and drink a lot of coffee and talk really a lot. This obviously took a lot out of him as only managed to finish 3 races. I guess he needs to work on his fitness for his finn campaign! Still it was great to see him and the other sailors from Denmark, France and Belgium who made the effort to get there.

Overall it was a nice and very well organized regatta. The club did a great job with food and drinks and the race organization was also good. The wind conditions made it interesting and I think everyone had their good and bad moments. In the end the best sailor won and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Marina and Jan-Dietmar for the fantastic prizes for all of the 54 competitors!

The Turtle

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1DEN 1427Jrgen Svendsen32711428
2GER 782Andr Budzien21467183
3GER 693Martin von Zimmermann610522636
4NZL 544Greg Wilcox47354959
5DEN 14Bo Reker Andersen12151497112
6GER 772Oliver Gronholz19910123164
7DEN 1280Jorgen Lindhardtsen551414311295
8GER 767Juliane Hofmann172521515271
9GER 773Rdiger Prinz1411OCS86597
10GER 740Gunter Arndt731698151020
11GER 778Snke Behrens9610311212112
12DEN 10Jens Lauge308117527410
13GER 695Erik Bork231812171910611
14GER 787Ralf Tietje84151810302525
15GER 777Andreas Pich2820131117181313
16GER 757Falk Hagemann383019161612115
17GER 731Thomas Glas261681218203118
18GER 225Jan Dissel131463521293014
19GER 762Andr Hennings1617241313492032
20GER 771Ralf Mackmann312217292881226
21GER 775Jrg Rademacher41132020141424DNC
22GER 765Rainer Pospiech2423221920311533
23POL 7Marek Bernat1933213731221719
24GER 737Thorsten Schmidt1026392223392328
25GER 726Jrg Sylvester2024273027363916
26GER 690Carsten Sa3927232432332721
27GER 750Dirk Dame15DNC263234342822
28GER 697Jrg Posny3232343425231929
29GER 632Fabian Gronholz2129434322193534
30GER 727Frank Strelow2221283338433830
31GER 735Dirk Gericke2531364633284124
32GER 662Gerd Breitbart3636332829253435
33GER 643Jrgen Illers3434DNS2335243241
34GER 1Andreas Deubel1819DNSDNSDNS261827
35GER 715Sven Beye42393236241636DNC
36GER 607Christian HeinzeDNCDNC313126402617
37GER 642Claus Stockhardt3528482736383731
38BEL 214Paul VerrijdtDNCDNC293942131438
39GER 688Ronald Foest5042184149423323
40GER 651Heinz Ridder3737374441174443
41GER 781Stefan Haage4038402645374036
42GER 567Jan Beckmann45DNC463846352239
43GER 680Jan-Dietmar Dellas1112504750DNCDNCDNC
44GER 774Michael Wolf43DNC384240444337
45GER 783Karsten Kath27DNC414544414844
46GER 640Sven Marchot4440494847324240
47FRA 1823Guillaume De Kervnoael29352540DNFDNCDNCDNC
48GER 1715Volker Paatz4641474943454746
49DEN 1414Jens Makitolm33DNC3021DNSDNCDNCDNC
50GER 748Wilhelm KathDNCDNC425030484545
51DEN 1407Malte Pedersen48DNC352537DNCDNCDNC
52FRA 1820Raymond DodardDNCDNC455148464642
53GER 724Marina Dellas47DNC4453394750DNF
54GER 630Norbert Petrausch49DNC515251504947

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